The Lab

This beautifully mesmerising game is a real treat to play. The modernistic design features a beautifully realised synthesiser soundtrack which really puts you in the mood for some relaxing spins. The transparent reels cover the entire screen, making this colourful game an excellent choice for all kinds of devices. Larger screens will benefit from the trance like reel background effects and stunning symbol imagery. Meanwhile, then absence of unnecessary framing and screen filling reels make this a great game to play on even the most compact mobile phone.

The Reel symbols on this game are largely brightly coloured sparkling Crystal Molecules. Instead of the usual playing cards, these are supplemented by some simple Chemical Elements, such as H20, O2, Au and Pt. Clearly a game for boffins this one! There are no Wild or Scatter symbols on the main game on this title, but you do have to keep an eye open for The Lab logo on Reel 2, and the X-Scatter, which can appear on Reels 4 and 5 to reward you with some prize multipliers.

There is far more to this game than your average basic slot, with the innovative special features quite unlike any seen elsewhere. This game is well worth a try for players looking for something a bit different.

Special Features

The X-Scatter symbol will double any winning prize whenever or wherever it appears on your reels. This applies for every visible symbol, so if you were to get two X-Scatters on your visible reels, any prize awarded for that spin would be multiplied by 4.

You need to keep an eye on the Spinning Vortex behind the middle symbol on Reel 2 on this game. When The Lab logo lands on this spot, it means your ten free spins are about to begin. But these are no ordinary spins. Tap or click on The Lab symbol to launch your free games, at which point the reels slide to one side and only Reels 1 and 2 spin for your free games. One your free games are completed, one final spin is awarded. For this, the reels slid toward the left and only Reels 4 and 5 are spun. If you manage to capture an X-Scatter, or even two, your final prize will be doubled (or quadrupled if you are really lucky!)

During your free spins, The Lab symbol (which will now be on the middle row of Reel 4) becomes Wild and can substitute for any other symbol to increase your chances of getting a win. Additional free spins can also be awarded if you get a +1 or +2 symbol on your reels. All winning prizes during your free spins are also doubled.

Finally, for the slot strategists, there are some pre-set Betting Strategies to consider. Many players like to alter their stake sizes according to the outcome of previous spins. This game provides three alternative options to enable gamers to do this. These can be selected by tapping or clicking on the Bet button to the bottom right of your reel. You can alter your chosen strategy after any spin. The default is for no strategy to be set.

By using the Jumper option, your stake will be increased after every winning round until you reach up to 10 x the base level. Your stake will be reduced to base level after a losing round.

In the Leveller option, your stake will rise two steps after five consecutive losing rounds. Another five successive losing rounds will result in another two step rise. Your stake level will be reset to base level after a winning round.

Lastly, by using the Booster option, your stake level will increase by one level after every losing round until you reach 10 x base level. Again, your stake will be reduced to base level automatically after a winning round.