Frog Grog

Frog Grog is an atmospheric game from Thunderkick. It is set in the basement Victorian apothecary, with various colourful potions bubbling away on wooden shelving. A cauldron of ominous yellow liquid simmers gently in the foreground while a little mouse explores the shelving above. The cavernous cellar is artfully candlelit and the whole scene is beautifully realised.

The “reels” contain these bottles of potion, with the shelves forming the rows. A “spin” consists of the bottles dropping through the shelves and being replaced by more randomly placed bottles falling down from above. There was no time for playing cards in such an environment, so all the reel symbols on this game consist of these variously shaped and tinted bottles of fluid. Line wins are accompanied by a bubbling of the cauldron. Bigger wins will result in an explosion of gold coins from the simmering pot.

So at this point, you may very well be asking: what’s this got to do with frogs? Well the frogs are of course what this game is all about. The Wild is an orange frog. This amphibian can substitute for all the other symbols, but it also plays a further role. There is no need for a Scatter on this charming game: all free “spins” occur via the special powers of our froggy friend!

This game can be played on all kinds of devices. The brightly coloured bottles are easy to see on even the smallest handset screen. But it really is a case of the bigger the screen the better on this game to get the most from the delightful graphics contained in this brilliant design.

This really is a superbly designed slots. It is certainly all action once the frog appears on your screen. The designers’ attention to detail is impressive: the look of terror as the blue frog drops through the shelves, limbs in the air, is a sight worth looking out for.

Special Features

There are no “free spins” as such on this game, but the action is still non-stop as you get lots of different ways of building up some impressive cumulative wins…

After any line win, the winning symbols disappear, to be replaced by more symbols tumbling into the space left behind. Each time this happens, the prize multiplier to the left of your “reels” is increased, up to a maximum of x 7. This process continues until there are no further wins. At this point, your total prize is paid out.

But it’s really all about the frog in this slot. Whenever the “Wild” orange frog appears in the game, it can trigger a whole array of extra features. After presenting you with any resulting line wins, the orange frog burps and turns blue. At this point, all the symbols in the same row and column as the frog disappear, to be replaced by further random symbols. Again, the prize multiplier also increases a notch.

The Mystery Game can also be triggered. This can happen on any “spin” where no line win occurs and no dropping symbols can therefore take place. In this feature, all the symbols except the Frog and the bottles containing the Moth and the Flower are removed and thrown into the cauldron. Three or more identical symbols from anywhere on the reels results in yet more prizes being awarded. Each set of symbols removed also increases the prize multiplier. Once all the matching symbols are removed, further symbols drop into place, generating further possible wins.