This unusual and amusing game features a vintage boxing theme. The characters are distinctly old school style bruisers from the early days of the noble sport. Handlebar moustaches and pork pie hats abound in this nostalgic title. The reels run in a boxing ring, with the hubbub of the expectant crowd rumbling in the background. A 30s style pianist provides a “silent movie” style soundtrack to accompany your spins. Reel symbols include many of the icons of the pugilist’s art, such as a pair of boxing gloves, a ring side bell, a boxer’s stool, the trainer’s towel and a champion’s belt.

There are two Wilds on this unconventional game. The Straight Wild is a Hat Wearing Boxer. He can appear on Reel 3 and can substitute for all the other symbols to increase your chances of forming a winning combination. Meanwhile, the Diagonal Wild can appear on Reels 2 and 4. He is a moustachioed boxer who can also act as a substitute for all the other symbols. There is no Scatter on this game: all features are triggered via the two Wild characters. The pay table can be accessed by clicking on the relevant symbol within the reels: the pay scale for that symbol is then revealed.

This entertaining game can be played on any type of screen. It is a very well designed game, but not especially bright. This may present problems if playing on a smartphone screen in bright conditions, but apart from these unusual circumstances, it looks impressive and should play smoothly on any connected device.

This unusual design has some innovative features and is well worth a look for those gamers who are looking for something a bit different. Its nostalgic and unusual theme (how many boxing slots can you name?) also gives it a real novelty value.

Special Features

The Boxing Feature is launched whenever you manage to get the Straight Wild (on Reel 3) and the Diagonal Wild (on Reels 2 and 4) appear next to each other (either horizontally or diagonally) on your reels at the same time. When this happens, the boxers trade punches. If the two boxers appear on the same row, Straight Wild punches Diagonal Wild onto Reel 1 or 5, transforming the symbols in between into additional Wild symbols. If the two boxers appear diagonally, Diagonal Wild is the winner: he punches Straight Wild, transforming the symbol above or below into an additional Wild. Whoever is the winner, you then get an additional re-spin with your extra Wilds to try to secure a knockout prize.

During your re-spin, Stacked Wilds can also appear on Reels 1 and 5 to increase your chances of a line win.

This ten line game pays both ways – from right to left as well as the more conventional left to right. This doubles your chances of getting a line win, and also adds an element of surprise: often you may wonder where your win has come from as, like an unexpected blow, an unconventional win originates unseen from the right of your reels.