This Thunderkick slot has a cute Russian Matryoshka doll theme. The invisible reels run before a kind of cross-stitched background, with your prizes announced in a cross-stitch typeface too. A lively Russian folk themed soundtrack accompanies your spins. The reel symbols are differently coloured and sizes Babushkas, all with cute, baby like eyes. Even the “old” doll retains its youthful visage, just with some spectacles perched on its nose. And that’s almost it symbols wise. No playing cards. Just lots of wiggling dolls! The only exception is the Wild symbol, which is an egg, no doubt intending to represent the nest in which the dolls would sit. This only appears on reel 3, and can substitute for all the other dolls to form a potential winning combination. It also plays a role in the games special features (see below). This slot certainly does look impressive. What has been saved on the symbols is put into the overall design and attention to detail.

The game can be played on any device, from the most compact smartphone to the widest PC screen. Its relative simplicity probably indicates that it is aimed at the on the go player, and it certainly looks great on a mobile display or small tablet.

This game is certainly all action. The constant doll upgrades can build up some impressive prizes as matching combinations expand across the screen. As this happens at least once whenever you have a winning line, you never have to wait long for the next burst of excitement.

Special Features

This impressive slot’s game play revolves around the theme of nesting dolls. Each doll can be “upgraded” to a larger doll, which is more valuable in the pay table, to build up some impressive wins. There are several different ways of achieving these upgrades in this feature packed game…

All winning symbols of the same value automatically upgrade to the next higher valued symbol, whenever this will result in a new or longer winning line. This can certainly result in some impressive wins. This prospect is improved still further if your upgrades progress so that you have a full screen of fifteen identical dolls. If this happens, the reels are wiped, and all dolls receive one final upgrade. What’s more, even if your screen is already full of the highest value dolls, you receive a special additional prize award instead.

In the Wild Mystery Feature, each time you get a Wild egg on reel 3, it revolves several times. If this stops with a star above the “W”, one of three mystery features will be triggered:

In the Scare Bear Feature, the egg opens to reveal a bear. The lowest valued dolls on your reels will then all be upgraded up to three times, depending on the size of the bear. These upgrades will then hopefully form matches with the existing bears on your reels to form a winning combination.

If the egg reveals a Charm Bear, all symbols are upgraded to the next level.

If you receive the accordion playing Dance Bear, you are awarded seven free spins. During these spins, you are guaranteed a Wild egg on reel 3 for every spin. All the special features continue to run during these spins.